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Honors Commitments

Each Honors student commits to:

Strive for intellectual autonomy and academic excellence so that we may be prepared to contribute to the advancement of our chosen professions by completing at least 22 credit-hours of Honors coursework

  • Complete at least 10 credits for an Associate degree and 22 credit-hours for a Bachelor's degree (or 20% of total undergraduate course work) of Honors coursework with a grade of ‘C’ or higher. 

Contribute our time and energy to advance the public good so that we develop as  citizens

  • Service: complete 15 hours of community service per academic semester in which we are enrolled full-time.
  • Leadership: join an RSO (registered student organization), varsity or club (not intramural) sports team, musical ensemble, Ferris theatre production or the Endeavor (the Honors Program newsletter) by the end of our first semester in Honors and report our involvement through your HNRS 100 course. 

Explore our cultural and ethical horizons to engage a global society through attending cultural events and seeking out challenging opportunities for service and leadership

  • Attend and report at least 3 cultural events per semester in which we are enrolled full-time.

Participate in the honors community, abiding by the honor code, to foster curiosity, dialogue and intellectual rigor in ourselves and others.

Notes for Transfer students

  • Transfer students are exempt from HNRS 100.
  • Transfer students are expected to complete all of the co-curricular requirements that are required of him or her according to the number of credits earned prior to the transfer.
  • Honors courses taken at other institutions will count towards your Honors requirements at Ferris.