Bulldog News


  • Bulldog News is a way to communicate with students through a concise email platform using Microsoft SharePoint as a collection point for information from around campus. This information is then emailed to students each day.

  • Bulldog News is sent to current Ferris students and selected Ferris Faculty and Staff every Monday-Friday at 12 noon. Bulldog news will not be sent if the university is closed for a holiday (i.e., Winter Break, Memorial Day, MLK Day), or other event (i.e., snow day).

  • To submit to Bulldog News, you will need to log in to your Microsoft Outlook Account (https://office.ferris.edu). Click on the SharePoint application. Within SharePoint, search for Bulldog News (search box is in the top left of screen). Once in the Bulldog News SharePoint site, click on “Add” (under the word News) and the select “News Post” from the dropdown menu. From here you can use the template that is provided to enter your information. Click on the “+” sign in the middle of the page to add additional options. Once you have created your news post, click on “Submit from Approval” button. This will open an approval box on the right side of the screen. Enter the date in the message box and click submit. It will be sent for approval.

    For detailed instructions on how to submit a Bulldog News post, click here.

  • See Submission Guidelines Below
  • If your post did not get sent/posted to Bulldog News, it was either not submitted correctly to SharePoint, or it did not meet the submission guidelines (see guidelines below).

  • All current Ferris students are automatically added to the Bulldog New mailing list. If you are a faculty, staff, or administrator and would like to be added to the mailing list, please send a request to [email protected].

  • All Bulldog News posts are archived on the SharePoint site.

  • Please send an email to: [email protected]

Submission Guidelines for Bulldog News posts.

  • All submissions must be posted to the Bulldog News SharePoint site (direct emails to [email protected] will not be posted)
    • Submissions must be received by 11am for inclusion in that day's Bulldog News.
  • When submitting your information, be sure to enter your information exactly as it should appear. Content will be published as submitted.
  • If you need an announcement to be sent more than once, you will need to repost the email each day you want it sent.
  • Submissions must pertain to Ferris sponsored events, updates, and news (no third party solicitation or advertising).
  • Include the following ADA statement for any and all events:
    • Anyone with a disability that needs special accommodations to attend this event should contact (231) 591-xxxx or email …[email protected] at least 72 hours in advance. (xxxx is the event extension for the FSU contact person.)

Formatting Best Practices

    • Use a standard font that is easy to read
    • Make sure your message is clear and understandable for a wide audience
    • Include a brief description and/or caption below any picture for a wide audience
    • Limit the use of acronyms or clearly define them if necessary
    • Have a specific subject line relevant to the notice
    • Ensure your first few lines of text are attention grabbing as this is what students will see first
    • Provide both an email address and phone number as contact information
    • If using an image to relay information, you must include alternate text with the image with the same information presented in the image

For a video on how to create a SharePoint News Post on Bulldog News site, click here for a short tutorial video.

If you are looking for information regarding the University-Wide Notices and not the Bulldog News, click here.