Course Wait Lists

Joining the Course Waitlist

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Some popular course sections will allow you to join a waitlist after they are full. When you sign up for a waitlist, you will receive an email notification if a seat opens up in the course. You can then head to MyFSU to register for the course.

Make sure to pay attention to your Ferris email. If you receive a notification that a course has an opening, you will need to go to MyFSU and register for the course before the deadline listed in the email.

Steps to Join

1. Login to MyFSU and head to MyRegistration.

2. Select Add and/or Drop Classes.

3. Select the term.

4. At the bottom, where it says Add/Drop, enter the CRN for the section you want to join the waitlist for.

5. In the drop-down next to the CRN field, select Waitlist.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to meet the prerequisites?

Yes, you must meet all registration requirements before registering OR adding your name to a waitlist. This includes completion of any course prerequisites, meeting any class restrictions (such as Jr/Sr status or campus restrictions), having no registration holds, and having no time conflicts with the intended class.

How will I be notified?

When your name comes to the top of the waitlist and there is a seat available, you will be notified by an email to your Ferris email address. You must log in to MyFSU and register for the open seat by the deadline given in the email (24 hours from when the notification is sent). If you miss the deadline, your name is automatically removed and the next person is offered the seat. You can forward your Ferris email to another email address so that you can access it on your phone, iPad, etc. See My Tech Support.

What is the deadline to register?

You will only have 24 hours from when the email is SENT to you to log into MyFSU and accept the offered seat. This includes weekends and holidays -- anytime that MyFSU is up and available.

What if I miss the deadline?

After the time has elapsed and you have not accepted the seat in MyFSU, your name will be automatically removed from the waitlist and the next person on the list will be offered the seat. If you still want to request a seat in that class you will need to re-add your name, and you will be added to the end of the current waitlist.

Can I be on more than one waitlist?

If there are waitlist spots available, you can add your name to as many waitlists as you would like. Please remember, if you no longer want a seat in any class, you should log into MyFSU and drop your waitlist entry. This then allows other students to move up the waitlist and to be notified of an open seat more quickly.

I can't find the waitlist.

Not all classes offer waitlists. If the class is full and does not have a waitlist, contact the department offering the class.

I need this class for graduation.

If you were unable to register for a needed course, you should contact your advisor to discuss possible alternatives or solutions.

Am I guaranteed a seat?

No, waitlisting does not guarantee a seat in the class, but does put you 'in line' if an open seat becomes available.

Are waitlisted classes included on my bill?

No, waitlisted class credits are not counted or added to your bill until you accept a seat and are registered.

What are WL Cap, WL Act and WL Rem?

  • WL Cap is the maximum number of students allowed on the waitlist at one time.
  • WL Act is the number of students currently on the waitlist.
  • WL Rem is the number of students who can still add their name to the waitlist.


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