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Geographic Information Systems Online Certificate

Online Certificate Program

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Geographic Information Systems (GIS) is an evolving technology that has changed greatly in the last decade and is affecting many disciplines. This certificate has been designed to provide fundamental knowledge and skills needed to implement GIS in your business or organization. You will explore fundamental principles of GIS and its applications including hardware and software, including: database concepts, algorithms to manage spatial data, cost benefit analysis, GIS project management, and digital data dissemination methods using internet technologies.

You will work with database management, raster and vector GIS applications software on various case studies including nature and environmental conservation, real estate administration, marketing and city management. Spatial data collection techniques such as land surveying, Global Positioning System, photogram metric mapping, remote sensing, Lidar, and mobile mapping will also be studied. Geodetic and Cartographic data from the Federal Government will be explored as well as mapping procedures and accuracy standards. Principles of the cadastre system will be taught including the public land survey system, property descriptions, and boundary surveys.

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