Business-to-Business Marketing - Online


B2B Marketing Certificate - Online

Online Certificate Program

Take Your Marketing Career to the Next Level

When you choose this certificate, you will be exposed to current theory and practice in the marketing of products and services from one business to another, including:

  • Integration of the principles of general marketing and professional selling with proven business-to-business marketing methods
  • Understanding and application of concepts related to industrial marketing, business-to-business advertising and e-commerce
  • Demonstration of mastery of class concepts through real world projects with business-to-business clients

You will perfect skills that will serve you well in the fast-growing world of business-to-business marketing.

Online Program

Work on your classes when and where it works for you! The flexibility and convenience of online classes can be a game changer. Plus, Ferris online programs aren't just traditional classes with an internet spin. They're web-native, built specifically for the online learning environment.

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