Digital Marketing Courses and Certificates

Digital Marketing Courses and Certificates

Study Online and Work Toward Your Certificate or Minor in Digital Marketing, Direct Marketing, or Business-to-Business Marketing

You use a computer and the internet daily. And you may already be familiar with Amazon, eBay, Facebook, Twitter, and online advertising. And now you are interested in developing your skills as an e-marketer a direct and interactive marketer.

That's where we come in to the picture.

Our fully online certificates and courses are an excellent opportunity for you to sharpen your skills or develop a new career specialization.

Build your skills and resume

Each of the online marketing courses listed at left applies to at least one of the available specialization certificates or minor. Begin with a course or two and in no time you will have earned a new credential.

Prepare to Lead this Fast-Growing Field

Figures provided by The Direct Marketing Association (DMA) put the strength and growth of direct and interactive marketing into perspective as part of the American economy. According to the DMA, annual U.S. sales revenue attributed to consumer direct and interactive marketing topped $1 trillion in 2011, while business-to-business direct and interactive marketing sales amounted to $786.5 billion. Consumer direct and interactive marketing sales are expected to continue to grow at a compound annual rate of 4.9% per year through 2014, reaching more than $1.24 trillion. Business-to-business sales are projected to grow at a compound annual rate of 5.4% through 2014, to a total of $988.5 billion.

In 2011, according to the DMA, nearly 10 million workers were employed throughout the U.S. economy as a result of direct and interactive marketing activities—representing more than seven percent of the total U.S. work force.  Approximately two million of these U.S. employees worked in interactive marketing areas including e-mail, internet display advertising, internet search advertising, and social networking.

Our Professors have Written the Books

Learn from tenured professors who do what they teach. For example, Professor Susan K. Jones is the author of Creative Strategy in Direct and Interactive Marketing (Fourth Edition), Business-to-Business internet Marketing (Fifth Edition), and Business-to-Business Marketing: Creating a Community of Customers (Second Edition). 

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