Emeriti Association of Ferris State University

Who Are We?

The Ferris State University Emeriti Association consists of faculty, staff and administrators who have been granted emeriti status under Ferris Board of Trustees policy.

We serve as a professional and social organization for our members. Retired faculty members from any division of Ferris are automatically considered emeriti. Others may be granted emeriti status by the Ferris president and Board of Trustees.

Communicatin from Bob Carter about One Day for Dawgs fundraiser

Fellow Emeriti:

I have good news and bad news.  First the bad news.  The University has cancelled the upcoming “One Day For Dawgs” on-line fundraiser due to the impact of the Coronavirus. As we announced in this month’s newsletter, our Association was going to participate in the event for the very first time. All donations would have gone into our scholarship endowment and been matched by the Ferris Futures Scholarship Program. To this end, members of your FSUEA Board had pledged to match the first $1,500 in donations. This would have meant that your donation would have been matched twice, multiplying the impact of your gift by four times! Example: A $50 gift would be matched by the Emeriti Board to become $100, and then matched by the Ferris Foundation to become $200!

Now the good news.  While we were disappointed to have this event cancelled, we certainly understand the University’s position in making this difficult decision. After considering our options, the Board voted to proceed with our fundraiser.  Therefore, we are asking all of our members to consider sending in a donation to increase the size of our endowment, taking advantage of the double match. If you are so inclined, please either make a gift on-line at
or mail in a check made out the “FSU Foundation” and write “FSUEA Endowment” on the memo line at the bottom. Send in your check so it arrives at the following address by April 22, 2020:

The Ferris Foundation
420 Oak St., PRK 101
Big Rapids, MI 40307

 Thank you in advance for your generosity.

 Bob Carter
FSUEA Fundraising Chair

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