The University Center

University Center

The University Center is located in the heart of campus and features spaces for meetings, socializing, studying and relaxing. It also includes a variety of food, entertainment and retail venues. The University Center is available to host conferences, meetings, receptions and banquets. Faculty, staff and registered student organizations can schedule their events online through the MyFSU portal. For specific events, please contact Shana Beisiegel at 231-591-5917 or via email at [email protected]

Ample parking spaces are available to improve the overall access to the building.

"The concept of the building is really to be like a living room for the campus – a place for students to hang out, a place for the students and the community to eat and meet," said Mike Hughes, Associate Vice President for Physical Plant.

A highlight of the building is the unique dining area called the Quad Café, which includes an all-you-can-eat cafeteria-style section and a food court section with a diverse section of food options including, but not limited to, burgers, Asian food, Mexican food and frozen yogurt, all brought together in a 6,000-square-foot area.

Several open-floor cooking areas allow students to watch as their food is prepared. Plus, the seating layout includes both family-style seating and small individual areas to encourage student interactions and provide areas to study.

The building also features several fireplaces. Above the main fireplace is repurposed limestone off of the Masselink residence halls and the clock is a replica of the original.

"It was repurposed to keep some of our history in the facility," said Mark Schuelke, Director of the University Center.

"This facility was set up to be a University Center, so that doesn't just mean Ferris. The facility is accessible to the greater Big Rapids community. For example, you have the dining area, the Barnes and Nobles bookstore and Starbucks," Schuelke noted.

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