Employees are our most valuable asset. That's why we offer programs that build leadership skills of employees and encourage deeper personal connections at all levels of the university.

2018 graduates of the leadership development program.

Our Offerings

  • At Ferris State University we believe in developing leaders across our campuses at every level. That’s why the we offer a program that aligns with the University’s mission and strategic plan to develop leaders. Graduates of the program will gain stronger connections with fellow participants and the University community.

    Using the University’s core values as a guide, this program offers employees the chance to develop their leadership skills, increasing their understanding of functions and operations of the University.   

    Program Learning Outcomes

    • Promote a better understanding of the operations of the University.
    • Enhance ability to manage change, collaborate, and build partnerships and teams.
    • Encourages the pursuit of self-development as a tool for goal achievement.
    • Develop leaders at all levels.
  • Are you looking to improve your supervisory skills? If so, this is the program for you.  You will be immersed in learning the knowledge and skills necessary to effectively perform your supervisory duties and lead your team.

    This program is designed for current supervisors of faculty or staff employees and those who aspire to be a supervisor.

  • Walking + Talking = Learning!

    We believe that recalling new learning promotes retention. And, retention leads to improved performance. What better way to increase your chances of retaining new knowledge than by sharing what you learned with others? The Steps to Learning program will take your learning and retention to a new dimension. 

  • We want to ensure our newest Bulldogs to have a smooth transition, that's why we created an online, on-demand new employee orientation course.