Course Pack Information

FSU Copy & Print Center can reproduce your course pack materials and deliver them to the Barnes & Noble Bookstore on campus for approximately 1/3 the cost of having the same materials copied off-campus. The benefits of our service include:

  • Students can purchase these materials and charge them to their tuition and/or financial aid.
  • Students save money by purchasing more "frugal" materials (parents will thank you).
  • The money paid for these materials supports campus services instead of going off-campus (our families will thank you).
  • It is convenient for students to pick up the packets on campus rather than off.

It is easy to request materials to be sold at the Bookstore. There is a form that needs to be filled out each semester that includes information such as which sections will use the material, and whether the material is the same as previous semesters or is new. These forms are available at the Bookstore and at the Copy Center. If you would like, we can email a copy to you and you can complete it in your office without any running around on your part! The form and the originals can be dropped off at the Bookstore- or if it is easier you can drop both off at the FSU Copy & Print Center and we will make sure that the form gets to the Bookstore for you.

The materials are then printed and delivered to the Bookstore, and the originals are sent to you. There is no cost to your department unless the department wants more copies printed for their use. The Bookstore is charged for all copies delivered to them.

FSU Copy & Print Center has a digital printing system that stores the course packets for you. If there are no changes to be made, the packet is already in our system and can be printed very quickly (120 copies per minute!). This is particularly helpful if you have students and/or sections added to your class and need more copies done-in most cases we have been able to send these additional copies to the Bookstore on our next delivery run! If you have made changes from our last printing, just let us know which pages and we will scan those pages in to replace the old material. Nothing could be easier!!