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Printing Information

Campus Deliveries

Ferris Printing Services (FPS) offers delivery around campus daily to 16 locations.  Delivery times are not set but are based upon worker availability.  Please ensure delivery location is communicated at time of order and that the desired location is open/attended M-F 8a-5p.  Alternatively, we can deliver to the mail room for pickup with your normal mail pickup; just let us know when you place your order.

Standard Printing Sizes

FPS can print products in various sizes.  We stock paper in different sizes to maximize productivity (8.5 x 11; 11 x 17, 12 x 18 and 13 x 19 are the most common sizes.  We stock various weights from standard 20# white laser paper to 130# cover papers.  There are also many different colors to choose from as well as some papers with different finishes and textures.


Wide Format

We stock a wide array of Wide/Large Format materials for your needs.  Standard white paper for posters and signs and blueprints; vinyl and poly papers for signs, posters and banners and Adhesive materials for sticking too windows, walls and wherever you might want to stick something to get attention.  Photos, graphics and text are all produced to grab attention to get your message across

Crop Marks

Crop marks are used to tell where a printed piece is intended to be cut.  Most graphic design programs allow you to output your print file with crop marks.  If you are using a program that doesn’t output crop marks, please ensure the final size is indicated.  We will then place the art for printing with crop marks properly.

What is ‘Bleed’ and why do I need it?

“Bleed” is a term used for a document with images or graphics that go to (or appear to go off) the edge of the page. 

Production presses cannot print to the edge of the paper.  The image either must stop before the edge of the paper leaving 1/8” or more from the image to the edge of the sheet thereby creating a white margin or border or an additional 1/8” of image must be printed to allow the finished piece to bleed (appear to have image that printed to/off the edge of the paper).  The image can shift slightly during printing from sheet to sheet.  This minor shift can result in words or images being cut off or in white slices of border if there is no bleed image provided.   

When a piece is expected to print with bleeds, an oversized sheet of paper must be used along with some extra image.

Standard bleed requirements are 1/8” extra image on all bleed edges along with crop marks to show exactly where the piece is expected to be cut.  As an example if you have an 11 x 17 poster that prints with bleeds, provide an image that is 1/8” larger on all sides (11.25” x 17.25”) with crop marks showing where the piece in expected to be cut.  We will print that poster on a 12” x 18” paper then trim it to the desired size.


Design Corrections

If you need assistance designing a piece or making corrections to a piece that’s already been designed, we can help with that.  We have full graphic design capabilities – just let us know exactly what needs to be designed or changed and we’ll be happy to help.  Design and correction work is done on an hourly basis and we can provide a quote for the range of expected costs that may be incurred.  The more detail and information you can determine before bringing the project to us, the more quickly we can complete the work and the less costly the work will be for you.  Samples of pieces you like, a drawing of what you want the piece to look like and even pre-selecting images or providing images you would like to use will help us minimize time and costs.  Give us a call – we have subscriptions to websites where you may go and select images you like before we begin.  We can then purchase those images for use with your project, which will further decrease our time and costs to search and select images we think you might like.


FPS offers various types of binding.  We can saddle-stitch booklets or corner staple sets.  We can collate and 3 hole drill book texts for placement into binders.  Mechanical binding such as Plastic Comb, Plastic Coil and Double Wire binding are also available. Clear plastic covers and black back covers also can be used with mechanical binding.


FPS can laminate documents or news clippings or just about anything you need protected.  Anything from business cards, to luggage tags, 8.5 x 11 sheets up to 12 x 18 sheets.   Please specify whether you desire a sealed edge or a flush edge.  Seal edge is where a ‘frame’ of sealed lamination is left around the item we’ve laminated which helps keep out water. Flush edge means the edge of the piece is trimmed so there is no extra laminate material left outside the edge of the laminated piece.  We can trim or we can laminate and leave the piece in the full size laminate for you to trim as you wish.

Wafer Seals

Wafer seals (also called Tab seals) are placed on folded pieces to keep them closed and/or to keep enclosed materials inside when a piece is mailed out to your customers.  FPS can tab to postal regulations so your mailpieces arrive in good condition to your audience.