University Curriculum Committee

!!! Upcoming Curriculum/General Education Workshop !!!
During Welcome Back Week
The first two hours will focus on curriculum changes and the last hour will be combined with the General Education process.
Learn Lab (FLITE 405): 9:00am - 12:00pm Friday, August 23, 2019.

Learn Lab (FLITE 405): 1:00pm - 4:00pm Friday, August 23, 2019.


Planning a curriculum change?

We are currently accepting curriculum proposals with a desired implementation of Fall Semester 2020 or later. Curriculum proposals that require Board of Trustees approval and will be implemented Fall Semester 2020, must be supported by the Academic Senate no later than the December 2019 meeting. 

Curriculum Process

STEP 1: Complete Form A, a "marked up" checksheet or checksheet template (if desired), Form E/F, and Form G (when applicable). (Current version dates are noted. Please use current forms for expeditious processing.)

Form A - Proposal Summary and Routing Form (current 2/27/19)

Optional - Copy of the current checksheet(s) with notes or a checksheet template for new degree programs.

Form E/F - Course Information Form (current 2/27/19)

Form G - General Education Approval Form (current 12/12/18)

STEP 2: Email completed forms to the UCC sub-committee, RAM (Registrar, Academic Affairs, MyDegree) at [email protected]. RAM will assist the proposer with finishing Form A and creating consultation forms and proposed checksheets.

For complex proposals, RAM may invite the proposer to a meeting for clarification of implementation.

RAM distributes consultation forms as needed (B,C,G,FIN) and a copy of the proposal. 

Form B - Undergraduate/Graduate Curriculum Consultation Form

Form C - FLITE Services Form 

Form FIN - Financial Aid Consultation Form

STEP 3: Proposer guides the proposal through the college support process and returns it to [email protected] after Dean approval.