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Honors Governance

The Honors Program is an academic unit, reporting to the Dean for Retention and Student Success, although it collaborates closely with the Division of Student Affairs and the Office of Housing and Residential Life in the Division of Administration and Finance.

It serves all the colleges housed on the Big Rapids campus.

Staff of the Honors Program

peter bradley

Peter Bradley, Ph.D.
Pickell 142B
(231) 591-2216
[email protected]
Follow on Twitter: pbradl42

Catherine Bordeau

Catherine Bordeau, Ph.D. 
Honors Advisor
Pickell 142A
(231) 591-2811
[email protected]

Jason Bentley

Jason Bentley, EdD 
Dean of Retention and Student Success
[email protected]

Committees of the Honors Program

Supervision of all aspects of the Honors program belongs to the Director. The Director is advised by committees of faculty, staff, students and alumni in executing his or her duties. These are:

Honors Council


At least one member representing each college (including graduate programs) on the Big Rapids Campus; as well as representatives from Admissions, Office of International Education, Housing and Residential Life, the Center for Leadership and Career Services, the Center for [email protected] Studies, the Division of Diversity and Inclusion and representatives of Honors Student Council. Meetings are held monthly in the Honors program offices.


Advise the Director on the day-to-day operations of the Honors Program, with special attention paid to recruiting and retaining students.

Honors Alumni Advisory Board


Composed of 9 members, it represents the interest of the Honors Program Alumni Association. Meetings are held biannually in Big Rapids.


Advise the Director on the mission, vision and strategic plan of the Honors Program. Create and enrich opportunities for Alumni/ae to connect with current students, as well as give back to the Program.

Honors Curriculum Committee


Four faculty serving 3-year terms.


The purpose of the Honors Curriculum Committee is to receive, review, and approve proposals for changes related to the curricula and courses designated as Honors, as well as Honors Program faculty status.

Honors Student Council


Representatives of the Honors Programming Board's e-board, the Honors Peer Mentor Program's e-board, the editor of the Endeavor and at least 2 at-large students elected by the current student body.


Administrate all business of the Honors Student Association, including but not limited to: reviewing and recommending Honors funded travel requests, Honors student contracts, and policies affecting co-curricular requirements. Also serves as primary conduit for communication with current student body.

Council Subcommittees and 2020 / 2021 Members

Honors Curriculum Committee

  • Jennifer Johnson, Professor of Geography
  • Cami Sanderson, Professor of Communication
  • Rebecca Sammel, Assoc Professor of English

Honors Admissions Committee

  • Sara Bush, Assoc Professor, Michigan College of Optometry
  • Eric Warner, Ass't Professor, Spanish
  • Katherine LaPietra, Professor of Theatre

Honors Completion Committee

  • John Cullen, Professor of English
  • Dan Noren, Professor of French
  • Felix Smith, Associate Professor of Psychology

Assessment Working Group

  • Felix Smith, Associate Professor of Psychology
  • Paul Zube, Adjunct Instructor of Communication