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Report an Incident

Office of Student Conduct Reporting

The Office of Student Conduct accepts reports from agencies and individuals; on campus or off. Please use the information below to select the reporting form that best meets your needs.

General Incident Reporting Form

This form should be used to report an incident where a student's behavior violated the Code of Student Community Standards. Some examples are: consuming alcohol unlawfully, taking something that doesn't belong to them without permission, disturbing the community with a nuisance party, etc.

COVID-19 Public Health Concern Form

To protect the health and safety of members of the university community, Ferris State University has determined that everyone on campus will be required to wear face coverings in all instructional spaces, classrooms and labs, and patient care areas.

Please use this form to submit a complaint alleging a student violated one of the above mentioned requirements. Concerns regarding employees should be directed to Human Resources.

For more information on the Ferris' response to COVID-19, please see our website.

Academic Misconduct Reporting Form

This form should be used by faculty members when a student is involved in an act of academic misconduct. Some examples are: submitting an assignment with plagiarized content, fabricating a signature on course paperwork, cheating (or facilitating cheating) on an assignment/exam, etc.

Student Organization/Group Incident Reporting Form

This form should be used to report an incident where a student organization/group's behavior violated the Code of Student Community Standards, RSO Handbook, or other University policy. 

Student Behavior of Concern Reporting Form

This form should be used to refer a student who may be struggling with the rigor of University life. This form does not refer someone to the conduct process, but helps us identify how to best help the student in need.

Sexual Misconduct Reporting Form

This form was created to serve as a means by which anyone may file a report about sexual misconduct. This form is also for complainants who wish to notify the institution of the incident but do not wish to file a formal complaint at this point in time. This form is commonly used by RAs to report an incident to the Title IX Office. 

Title IX Formal Complaint Form

Filing a Title IX complaint serves as official notice to Ferris State University and authorizes the Title IX Coordinator to initiate a preliminary investigation into the information and allegations contained within the report. In most cases, RAs should not use this form to report an incident disclosed to them. 

For more information please see the Title IX Compliance Website.