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Facility Regulations and Guidelines


In order to make a reservation, the following information must be supplied: preferred date of the event, time and duration of event, expected number of persons in attendance, if food and/or beverage service are needed, and audio visual or other set up needs.

A 60 day notice is required for cancellation of reservations for the multi-purpose room. Cancellations received after that time and no shows are subject to a fee or loss of deposit.

Room reservations may not be transferred to another organization/group.

A 48 hour notice is required for cancellation of reservations in all other event spaces in the David L. Eisler Center for Registered Student Organizations, faculty, and staff. All non-profit and commercial organizations must cancel seven days in advance. Cancellations received after that time are assessed a $25.00 fee per room reserved. Non-University affiliated organizations will forfeit their deposit.

Misuse or chronic cancellations may result in a set-up fee or termination of future reservation privileges.

Customers holding large events that require a large, detailed, or unusual set up are required to meet with the David L. Eisler Center staff a minimum of three weeks prior to the event to ensure clients are aware of all policies regarding the use of space. In addition, at least one person who is responsible for the event, must attend and stay throughout the duration of the event.

If damage occurs in a room and/or there is a loss of equipment, the responsible group/party is assessed a fee reflective of the cost for replacement/repair.

Any group leaving an excessive amount of garbage is assessed a cleanup fee.

Any request for building hours past 12:00am may require Public Safety. Public Safety costs are the responsibility of the sponsoring organization.

The use of glitter or confetti is prohibited in the David L. Eisler Center. No tacks, nails, pins, staples, etc. may be used on any papered, paneled, or painted surfaces or on any walls, mirrors, windows, curtains, or doors.

Due to the demand on space, requests for rehearsal times and client set-up are limited to four hours at a time in coordination with the operation staff. Request for additional time will be evaluated on an individual basis if space is available.

Laptops, IPad, CD players and IPods may be used in conjunction with the David L. Eisler Center sound equipment. External groups requesting the use of laptops, LCD, or sound equipment is charged a fee.

Customers requesting labor/tech services are charged an additional fee. The fee will be determined at time of request and based on needs.

Candles and other flammable materials for use in the David L. Eisler Center must be requested and approved in advance with the David L. Eisler Center Office.

All movies shown in the David L. Eisler Center must be approved in advance and have copyright approval.

Registered Student Organizations requesting special events/dances in the David L. Eisler Center should refer to the Registered Student Organization Handbook.

All non-university affiliated events are required to submit a completed Ferris State Facility Use Agreement and make a deposit.

David L. Eisler Center Facility Guidelines

The David L. Eisler Center reserves the right to move meetings or events to maximize the use of the facility.

e may not be rearranged in the rooms without prior approval of the David L. Eisler Center staff.

Users agree and understand that during their event other events may be taking place in the David L. Eisler Center and shall conduct its activities so as not to interfere with other events. Users are expected to be courteous to other facility users.

The University accepts NO liability for property damage or injury to persons in connection with their event.

The University reserves the right to require proof of adequate insurance coverage from the user.

David L. Eisler Center building hours may be extended to accommodate events for a fee which will be determined at the time of request. A minimum 10 day notice is required to request extended hours.

David L. Eisler Center Dining/Catering Guidelines

Any food or beverage ordered for all conference and meeting space must be purchased through Ferris Dining/Catering Services. No food or beverage may be brought into the David L. Eisler Center. A fee will be assessed and/or future reservations may be cancelled if food or beverages are brought into the David L. Eisler Center.