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Student Spotlight: Erica Dann

Meet First Year MCO Student Erica Dann

Erica Dann holding supplies

MCO student Erica Dann

What is your educational background? What was your path to optometry school and is there anything that makes your path unique? 

My undergraduate studies began at Delta Community College, where I completed one year of undergrad before transferring to Ferris State University. Here, I completed two more years of undergrad through MCO’s 3+4/Early Admissions Program. Working at my optometrist’s office while attending Delta College gave me insight into everything an optometrist does and the huge impact they have on patients’ everyday lives. I always knew I wanted to go into healthcare, but the meaningful doctor-patient relationship and ability to have work-life balance set optometry apart for me. 

Why did you choose to attend MCO? What makes MCO so special to you?

 MCO was always my top choice for optometry school because of the location being close to my home and the small class sizes. I also knew MCO would be a good fit for me after working in the clinic during undergrad. Through this, I got to work with some of the faculty and staff here, and that experience made it easy for me to imagine myself spending the next four years at MCO. 

Erica Dann with other students

What are some of your fondest memories at MCO?

Although I am currently only in my first semester of optometry school here at MCO, I have already created so many amazing memories so far. Some of my favorites were our orientation weekend where we got to meet our classmates for the first time, the AOSA welcome picnic, the MOA student night, and the Vision Source private practice crawl. These were all such fun events, and I can’t wait to make more memories during my time at MCO! 

What kind of involvement do you have within the optometric community?

Getting involved within the optometric community is something I am passionate about, so during undergrad I served as co-president of the Ferris pre-optometry club. In this position, I helped guide pre-optometry students through the undergraduate curriculum and the optometry school application process. Through this role, I also partnered with MCO’s FCO club to plan a fundraising event for Leader Dogs for the Blind, where we raised money to support their wonderful cause. I plan to continue my involvement within the optometric community in several ways, one being through attending mission trips with MCO’s SVOSH club. 

Erica Dann with president Pink

At MCO, what type of things are you involved in and what do you enjoy most about them? 

I have always enjoyed getting involved in school clubs and organizations, so I made sure to continue this passion of mine during my time at MCO. I am currently one of the first-year class representatives, where I serve as a line of communication between my class and MCO faculty. I love being in this role as it has allowed me to build many connections with my classmates and professors. I also serve as a student ambassador, where I provide tours of MCO for students who are interested in attending Ferris. This role is a lot of fun because I can help pre-optometry students through their journey to optometry school. Lastly, I’m also a member of several clubs here at MCO, and I look forward to getting more involved in these in the upcoming years!

If there was one thing you could say to an incoming MCO student, what would that be?

 I want all incoming MCO students to know that they have what it takes to make it through optometry school and that they deserve to be here. A lot of us struggle with imposter syndrome, so I want them to remember the hard work they put in to get here and have confidence in themselves that they can continue that hard work to make it through the next four years. 

Erica Dann in front of MCO

If there was one thing you could say to a MCO alumni, what would that be?

I would like to thank all the MCO alums for the path they’ve paved for current optometry students. They have made optometry such an amazing profession, and it will be an honor to work with them one day.