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Alumni Board Member Dr. Andrea Lirones

Meet Alumni Board Member Dr. Andrea Lirones (O’17)

Dr. Andrea Lirones

Alumni Board Member Dr. Andrea Lirones

Tell us about your background in optometry.

I was accepted to the Michigan College of Optometry through the 3+4 program in 2013 and graduated from MCO in 2017. After graduation, I pursued a one-year clinical residency at MCO to specialize in Pediatrics, Vision Therapy and Neuro-Rehab. After my residency, I took my first job at VisionCare Associates in East Lansing. During my four years there, I was able to practice full scope optometry, including developing a vision therapy clinic, and working closely with Origami Rehabilitation and Mary Free Bed in Lansing to offer post-concussion/post-stroke management. After multiple changes in leadership/buy-outs at VisionCare, I left in May of 2022 and took at job at The Eyesite in Mt. Pleasant, which is where I currently work. At The Eyesite, I practice full scope optometry, vision therapy, InfantSEE exams and coordinate care with Origami Rehabilitation and Sparrow (formerly Mary Free Bed). I also am a clinical adjunct 1 day/week at MCO. I am extremely happy with my current working situation!

Where did you complete your undergraduate education?  

I completed my undergraduate education at Ferris State University. I am a Bulldog through and through! 😊 

Dr. Andrea Lirones with eye exam equipment

What were your favorite and most challenging parts of your optometry education?

All of optometry school was the most difficult thing I have ever done, but also the most rewarding. My favorite parts were developing the lifelong relationships with my classmates and the faculty/staff at MCO. Attending any conference feels like a family reunion, and it is so nice to have friendly faces in the optometric community! 

What kinds of positions have you held in optometry and in what different types of settings have you worked in?

VisionCare was a private practice, and then it transitioned to two different Private Equity corporations. The Eyesite is a multi-doctor private practice, where I am an associate doctor. 

Do you have any optometry school memories you would like to share?

Oh my goodness, there are too many to count! The big events that stick out were always the Welcome Weekend events/Welcome Picnic, Eyeball Dances, random parties and our “Class-giving’s.” However, some of my favorite memories came from the little moments with my roommates and classmates throughout optometry school! 

Dr. Andrea Lirones wedding photo

Anything about your personal life and work/life balance you would like to share?

In October of 2020 I married Luke Lirones (MCO Alumni class of 2019). When we set our wedding date, we thought it would be funny to have two OD’s getting married in 2020; little did we know COVID was on the horizon and what it would bring! Thankfully we were still able to have a small wedding to get married! We both practice at the same office (I know it’s not for everyone, but we love it)! We are currently expecting our first child, a baby boy, in March of 2024! I am currently a member of the MOA/AOA, MCO Alumni Board, Mt. Pleasant Optimist Club and Chamber of Commerce. I also enjoy volunteering at a local soup kitchen and attend church at Sacred Heart in Mt. Pleasant. 

Why did you join the alumni board? What do you enjoy about being a part of it?

I had such a great experience at MCO that I wanted to stay connected after graduation. Becoming part of the Alumni Board was the most logical and rewarding avenue to pursue. I enjoy being part of the board to keep up on the current climate at MCO, as well as being an advocate for the students, faculty, and alumni.

Any advice/anything you would like to say to current MCO students? Anything to alumni?

To the Alumni: Stay active with MCO! Attend CE events, parties, etc. to learn what MCO is doing!  

To the students – My mantra to myself during optometry school was “If it was easy, everyone would do it.” Optometry school will be challenging but continue to believe in yourself and persevere through all of the adversity you will face.