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University is Working to Ensure it’s Never Too Late for Adult Learners to ReUp, Building off Excitement of New Statewide Student Success Hubs

ReUp program

Ferris State University has more than 190 academic programs for students on main campus in Big Rapids and through its Student Success Hubs across the state of Michigan.

Ferris State University and ReUp are joining forces to create a smoother pathway to finishing a college degree for adult learners ready to strengthen their career prospects in a fast-moving and competitive workforce.

Focused on helping direct adult learners on a path to reenrolling in college, ReUp uses a specially-tailored blend of data, technology and humanity to identify, connect with, reenroll and support students to finish what they started in college.

“Partnering with ReUp is about opportunity. It’s about opening doors to people who have some college credits but did not finish. We want to help our adult learners address those reasons for stopping to clear a pathway to graduation,” said Jeanine Ward-Roof, Ferris’ vice president for Student Affairs. “The impact we will make through our work with ReUp will be life-changing for our adult learners. Statistically, we know that people who earn a bachelor’s degree have significantly lower unemployment rates, higher median salaries and earn $1.2 million compared to nongraduates over their lifetime.”

According to Forbes, bachelor’s degree earners have a 77-percent lower unemployment rate and that they earn 48 percent more in median salary and, according to a 2022 report from the Association of Public and Land Grant Universities, they significantly out-earn nongraduates over their lifetimes.

Founded in 2015 to support the millions of American adults who started college, but didn’t finish and faced barriers to return, ReUp champions a personalized approach to engaging students to ensure more positive outcomes. Based in Austin, Texas, ReUp has helped colleges and universities reenroll more than 25,000 students seeking degree completion nationwide.

“Each student has a different set of opportunities and challenges. Through ReUp, we’re addressing both through a personalized approach focused on the individual needs of each adult learner,” Ward-Roof said. “Now is the time. In ReUp, we have a strong and experienced partner and Ferris is a great destination for students.”

This summer, Ferris is welcoming 1,500-plus new students to orientation to complete their preparing for enrollment during the 2023-24 academic year. Beyond creating opportunities for traditional first-year and transfer Ferris students, Ward-Roof looks forward to the possibilities for adult learner students. In addition to orientation energy, Ferris recently announced it is opening Student Success Hubs at strategic locations across Michigan’s Lower Peninsula for a more comprehensive college experience at its key partnership areas in Detroit, Flint, Grand Rapids, Kalamazoo and Traverse City.

“The summer is always an exciting time for us to welcome our new students to Big Rapids,” Ward-Roof said. “Now, with ReUp, outreach is underway to help former students finish what they started. It’s a great time with orientation and the way our new Student Success Hubs are taking shape to create opportunities across the state for students to finish a degree here in Big Rapids or at locations we have across the state in partnership with local community colleges.”

Visit Ferris’ Reignite website to learn more about this program.