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Focus Event: Minds Aflame

What is BEYOND?

What is BEYOND?

BEYOND Globalization

BEYOND Globalization 


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Fall 2015

Idea behind Minds Aflame: MINDS Aflame serves to engage the campus to promote knowledge on the BEYOND topic and encourage dialogue. We have had a variety of speakers that have allowed the Ferris and Big Rapids community to learn about diversity (2014-15) and globalization in a myriad of ways.

Minds Aflame (fall 2015) featured ten speakers on the topic of globalization:

  1. What is globalization? Dr. Olukemi Fadayomi
  2. Opportunity in Diversity, Enefe Adaji and Wayne Bersano
  3. Impact of Globalization at Ferris, Dr. Paul Blake
  4. LGBT Identities, Experiences, and Action Worldwide, David Whitman
  5. Genetics and Globalization, Dr. Jacqueline Peacock
  6. Conservation and Globalization, Asher Jay
  7. Transhumanization, Dr. Peter Bradley
  8. Immigration and Anti-globalization, Olmeca
  9. Empowering Accessibility through Experience, David Murcko

Last year the Minds Aflame event on the diversity theme of the BEYOND series. Below are videos from last year’s event:

Enefe Adaji on Diversity and Humanity

Sacramento Knoxx on Creating the Noise

Mike Mueller on Diversity in Sexual Orientation

David Pilgrim on Stories of Activism and Inclusion