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Campaign Chairs announce passing of goal


Now & Always / The Campaign for Ferris State University


Now and Always: The Campaign for Ferris State University

Ferris' first-ever comprehensive campaign, Now & Always will have a transformational effect. The $115 million goal increases scholarship support, which helps our hard-working students. It supports faculty and ensures state-of-the-art programs. It ultimately enhances Michigan’s future by creating the talent base our state and region need as well as people who make the world a better place.

Priorities of the Campaign

Message from the President

Join Us Today, Now & Always

David Eisler

Now & Always, Ferris' first-ever comprehensive campaign, will have a transformational effect on our institution. It will create a foundation of scholarship support we have never experienced, creating opportunities for our hard-working students who need this so very much. It will support our faculty and ensure state-of-the-art programs, ultimately enhancing Michigan’s future by creating the talent base our state and region needs. And, we will proudly honor our founders’ vision of producing outstanding citizens: people who make the world a better place.

This is critically important work, and we cannot do it alone. We invite you to become a part of this exciting moment and positively transform the lives and futures of our students. Together, we can shape the future of Ferris State University for our students and our community. You understand opportunity and what opportunity can do.

Please join me in supporting Ferris State University, today, now and always.

Dr. David L. Eisler

Impact Stories

The priorities of the Now & Always Campaign for Ferris State University are certainly important. What is even more important, however, are the people. Read about the students, faculty, staff, community members and donors who are touched by this effort.

Message from the Campaign Co-Chairs: "We are Passionate About Ferris State University"

Campaign Co-Chairs Gary Granger and Jeff Rowe

This is a value-added institution, one that delivers an impressive return on investment. By investing in their education, students graduate job-ready, prepared to stand out as leaders in their careers. Industry, community and donors benefit by having access to this talent pool of knowledgeable, involved and responsible citizens.

We want to see this winning, value-added combination continue, to build on it and to help it grow. As co-chairs of Now & Always: The Campaign for Ferris State University, this is our mission. We are excited about Ferris’ future, one that is driven by opportunity, vision and need. With strong leadership and an experienced team in place, Ferris is poised for success.

Now is the time that we, Ferris and you, its supporters and co- visionaries, can make a reimagined, reenergized and revitalized University a reality. We urge you to join us in supporting this campaign so that future generations of students can access Ferris' unique, "go-to-work" education—one that benefits our region, our nation and our world.

Gary Granger
Campaign Co-Chair
Jeff Rowe
Campaign Co-Chair
Image of the Old Main Building on the Original Ferris Campus