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Faculty Center for Teaching and Learning

Alan Levine, Learning is Hanging Out, CC by 2.0

Summer Institute on Designing for Engagement

All faculty – tenured, tenure-track, and non-tenure track – at any location are invited to participate.

Our hopes for you as a participant in the Institute are that you will be able or better able to: 

  • Describe barriers and challenges that affect student motivation and engagement; and 
  • Adopt mindsets and use strategies that promote student motivation and engagement. 

We also hope that the Summer Institute on Designing for Engagement will enable you to examine barriers or challenges you experience in your own professional life and use strategies that help you engage more fully and purposefully in your academic and career goals. 

Locations and Times: 

  • July 12 – 14, 9:00 AM – 4:00 PM (face-to-face in FLITE 405, lunch provided) 
  • July 18, 20, and 22, 9:00 AM – 12:00 PM (on Zoom) 


Integrating General Education Across the Curriculum: Themed Student Learning Communities

Graphic reading "Integration." The "N" at the end of the word is separated from the rest of the letters.

  • Do you value helping students make connections across courses?
  • Would you like to partner with a colleague to explore intersections between your respective General Education and discipline-specific courses and examine questions, concepts, or skills that might invigorate your classes and inspire you and your students?
  • Would building new connections or renewing old connections with colleagues be a welcomed experience?
  • Are you interested in pursuing a General Education attribute for a course?

If you responded “Yes” to one or more of the questions, then we invite you to engage in the faculty learning community (FLC) on “Integrating General Education Across the Curriculum: Themed Student Learning Communities.” In this FLC, you will collaborate with a colleague to develop a student learning community built on a theme (e.g., question, concept, skill) that connects your two courses (one in General Education and one in a major program). You will also co-develop three signature assignments that will engage students in examining this theme.

This is an exciting opportunity to develop meaningful new learning experiences for your students and to collaborate with colleagues in a supportive environment. Upon successful completion of the FLC, you will be eligible to receive a $350 Professional Development Incentive and a $1,200 grant to present your FLC work at a conference or other venue.

Question? Wish to participate in the FLC? Please email FCTL at [email protected].

FLC Facilitators: Monica Frees, Mari Kermit-Canfield, and Victor Piercey