Shuttle Bus FAQ

ALERT: The Rapid shuttle (Route 100) service from Grand Rapids to Big Rapids will resume for the 2020-2021 academic school year. We will update this page as information becomes available. 

Q. What do I do if the bus isn't there?

A. To see where the bus is at any time, use the RapidConnect webpage or download the MyStop App. For questions on bus delays call the Rapid at (616) 776-1100.

Q. Can financial aid be used to cover the cost of the annual bus pass?

A. If a student chooses to charge the full cost of the semester bus pass to their student account, and if they have enough financial aid to cover all of their university charges as well as the bus pass, the expense will be covered. Students will be responsible for paying any cost that is not covered by their financial aid award. **Individual trips or partial semester trips cannot be charged to the account**

Q. What if I don't have enough financial aid to cover this cost along with my other university charges?

A. Additional financing options are available on the financial aid webpage by selecting from one of the alternative loan options or the Parent PLUS Loan for dependent students.

Q. Will a student qualify for additional financial aid as a result of using the bus service?

A. Travel cost is already taken into consideration when determining a student's financial aid package and cost of attendance.

Q. What if I feel I have an expense that is over and above the average student cost?

A. Students with expenses beyond that of an average student may consider submitting a Budget Adjustment Request so that a financial aid representative can review their individual cost to attend.

Q. Does the bus have Wi-Fi?

A. Not at this time.