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Constitution Day Celebration

2023 Constitution Day Event

September 12, 2023
6 - 8 p.m.
David L. Eisler Center, Ballroom 202A

Guest Speaker

Poppy Hernandez
Executive Director, Office of Global Michigan; Chief Equity & Inclusion Officer, Governor's Office

Constitution Day Essay Contest

Keeping the Promise of Equality

The United State Constitution proclaims and ensures rights for American citizens, but offers no definition of who is or is not a "citizen" and specifically includes language accommodating slavery. The 14th Amendment establishes all persons born in the U.S. or naturalized as citizens and declares we all share the same privileges and immunities, and yet it would be more than a century before barriers preventing women and people of color from participating as citizens would finally be taken down.

Today, political battles are being fought over how we should deal with our complex and inconsistent history regarding justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion. Telling the truth of our unequal past upsets some people, and not telling the truth about it threatens to undermine the progress we have made. Some find actions designed to rectify the oppression of marginalized groups to be divisive, and others see attacks on those actions as an attempt to preserve inequality and privilege. How do you think we should move forward? How can America keep the promise of equality?

How to Enter

To enter, compose an original essay of at least 500 words in response to the prompt above and submit it to [email protected] by September 15, 2023. 


First place receives the 2023 Constitutional Scholar Award and $300
Second place receives $200
Third place receive $100