Academic Service Learning

Academic Service Learning at Ferris State University

Academic Service Learning (ASL) is a teaching and learning strategy that aligns perfectly with Ferris State University's history of providing a hands on education, increasing opportunities for students and the community. ASL is not a volunteer activity, but an intentional learning strategy that applies both experience and theory during a course curriculum.

The ASL experience must provide a tangible outcome that is mutually beneficial for both the students and the community. It is expected that the outcome for the community will be an outcome it deems as a desired need. The Office of Community Engagement will assist in identifying community need and partners.

 Economic Inequality Initiative

The Economic Inequality Initiative (EII) is a tandem initiative that seeks to provide additional supports and knowledge relating to issues of inequality that affect the local community. This provides an “intellectual bridge” to broader societal concerns that impact local issues. Thus, faculty, staff, students and community members can grapple with area inequalities that can inform efforts to be accountable to the community in our Academic Service Learning efforts.


  • Course financial supports – Faculty may complete this application and return to Kristin Conley: [email protected] or to Tony Baker: [email protected] to be considered for up to $500.00 in funding for course aid.
  • Faculty training and workshops.
  • Community Partnership assistance

ASL 2019 Report


Please use the forms below to apply:
Application Form
Adult Release Waiver
Travel Excuse Waiver