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Campus scene

Campus Climate Team

Creating a More Welcoming Ferris

You should feel respected and safe while at Ferris State University. The Campus Climate Team (CCT) strives to make that a reality. The CCT collaborates with individuals and groups to create a more welcoming environment for every member of the communities that call Ferris home.  Through assessment, analysis, understanding, and education, the CCT serves to continuously improve our campus climate as well as to address incidents of bias (explicit or implicit), harassment, or discrimination.

Report an Incident

If you experience an incident of bias, harassment, or discrimination, we're here to help. Use the Incident Report Form to tell us about your experience. Your personal information is not required if you wish to make an anonymous report. After submitting your report, the CCT will begin an investigation. 

Please note that reports and/or statements/allegations made within them may be shared with members of the Campus Climate Team to help the Team ensure that the incident is appropriately referred and/or addressed. The University is required to report certain alleged criminal activity to law enforcement. Incidents of sexual misconduct, including sexual harassment, will be reported to the University’s Title IX Coordinator.

if you are a student and you would like to speak to someone confidentially about this experience, you can contact the Personal Counseling Center at (231) 591-5968 or [email protected]. Ferris employees may access the Employee Assistance Provider, Ulliance (1-800-448-8326).

Make a Report

The CCT's Work

The CCT seeks to promote a campus climate that fosters integrity, stability, and respect by:

  • Actively participating and leading in the assessment, analysis and sharing of campus climate data;
  • Working collaboratively with University committees, departments, and student groups to review and offer proactive education efforts that serve to address data findings;
  • Ensuring that appropriate University resources and expertise are made available to anyone who feels they have been harmed or negatively impacted because of their identity; and
  • Actively addressing the impact of campus climate concerns on the communities in which Ferris State University serves.

Campus Partners and CCT Core Team

As the CCT assesses data and develops projects to address our campus climate, subcommittees will be created and new partnerships formed to accomplish the work.  The membership of the CCT Core Team includes, but is not limited to, the following:

  • Academic Senate representative
  • Dean of Students
  • Department of Public Safety representative
  • Director of Equal Opportunity
  • Director of Housing
  • Director of Multicultural Student Services
  • Director of Student Conduct
  • Diversity and Inclusion Office representative
  • Associate Vice President of Human Resources
  • Kendall College of Art and Design representative
  • Provost Office representative

Get Involved

If you have interest in helping the CCT with this important work or if you have any questions, please contact the committee chairs, Associate Vice President of Human Resources Fredericka Hayes or Director of Equal Opportunity Kylie Piette.