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PGM Alumni Association



The Professional Golf Management Alumni Association was established in 1988. Key graduates who worked on getting the PGM alumni association started were Russ Buford (’86), Ken Sassman (’88), Ed Perdue (’82), Dave Kendall (’80), Greg Babinec (83), John Winterhalter (’84), and the PGM program director, Dr. Lowell LeClair. It was Dr. LeClair’s idea to pattern the association board on the representation of the PGA of America. The first officers were Phil Benson (’80) as president, Tim Gray (’81) as vice-president and Marty Lass (’82) as secretary/treasurer. John Montgomery, marketing professor designed the original logo.

Association Purposes

  • To maximize the use of Alumni talent, services and financial assistance toward attainment of educational, literary, scientific, charitable and social purposes of the program
  • Promote, establish and maintain communication and relationships between the PGA Golf Management Program and its alumni.
  • Stimulate a willingness to participate actively in the programs and progress of the program, through a unified interest of past, present and future students.
  • Assist the PGA Golf Management Program and the College of Business in providing appropriate incentives for attracting and retaining outstanding educators and administrators.
  • Assist the PGA Golf Management Program in providing appropriate incentives to attract and retain outstanding student within the proscribed University policies and objectives of Ferris State University.
  • Promote a contractual relationship between the Alumni and the PGA Golf Management Program for the purpose of internships and furthering the employment of Alumni.
  • Establish and support special program of the University of the Association for the benefit of students in the Program.