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GBLI Resources

The Ferris State University Faculty Center for Teaching and Learning will act as the centralized hub for the local efforts of the Game Based Learning Institute (GBLI). The Game Based Learning Institute will help research, promote, develop partnerships, and create game-based learning opportunities.

  • Promote: The GBLI will host events that provide participants with opportunities to see examples of game based learning. Efforts will be made to send faculty to GBL conferences and provide a local platform for them to disseminate the information gained.
  • Create Partnerships: The GBLI will facilitate conversations across disciplines and institutions to establish mutually beneficial partnerships.
  • Create: The GBLI will look for opportunities to create highly engaging learning activities that utilize best practices from both pedagogical and play perspectives.
  • Funding: The GBLI will partner with other educational entities to broaden our grant opportunities.


  • Be recognized as an expert on current trends and research surrounding game based learning. Use this expertise to inform and promote best practices in game based learning implementation.
  • Develop a web presence where current article could be posted, events could be organized, and individuals could stay engaged.
  • Create a sustainable conference surrounding the game based learning pedagogy. This conference platform would be used to celebrate local success stories and allow others who are casually interested in the topic to explore it further.