State Continuing Education Clock Hour Information

 If you are an educator or education professional, you may need State Continuing Education Clock Hours (SCECHs) to count toward your certificate renewal.

On this page, are several resource documents to aid you in using the Secure Central Registry and completing the tasks required to earn SCECHs.

Your professional development is now recorded online at the Secure Central Registry. This system communicates with the MOECS system.  

You may earn SCECHs by attending events that have been approved to offer clock hours. To find a current list of offerings, please visit the catalog.

Along with Workshops and Conferences,  there are other opportunities to earn clock hours. Please view the information provided. To get started, please view the start-up guide.

About SCECHs

This information is for those interested in offering State Continuing Education Clock Hours at an event.

  • State Continuing Education Clock Hours (SCECHs) are approved in-service, workshop, training, or conference credits that are used for the renewal of select certificates issued by the Michigan Department of Education (MDE).  SCECHs used to be called State Board Continuing Education Units or SB-CEUs.  Clock hours are not measured by the actual hours of instruction at an event.  If the event includes 5 hours of instructional content then the applicant will receive 5 clock hours for attending the entire event.  Please see attendance requirements below.

  • SCECHs are contact-hour based.  Participants must have 100% attendance at the offering and complete the evaluation provided by the Secure Central Registry.  There may be an evaluation offered at the event, but your SCECH evaluation is only available within your account in the State Secure Central Registry.

    Verification of attendance is required and participants must sign-in and sign-out as instructed at the event.  Failure of a participant to fulfill the requirements will result in no SCECHs being awarded for their participation in that event.


    Generic CEUs cannot be used toward renewal of the above listed certificates/licenses.  Only state approved SCECH training counts toward certificate renewal.  Training programs and/or conferences sponsored by either the US Department of Education Teacher-to-Teacher Program or by an authorized provider of the International Association for Continuing Education and Training (IACET) are eligible for SCECHs via collaborative agreements between the Michigan Department of Education, Office of Professional Preparation Services, and both the US Department of Education and IACET. 

    For general information about the SCECH, please contact the MDE Program Administrator at telephone (517) 241-4928 or email [email protected].

  • Please contact your local SCECH Coordinator with questions about specific offerings.

    For general information about the SCECH, please contact the MDE Program Administrator at telephone (517) 241-4928 or email [email protected].