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Workforce Development Strategies

Corporate and Professional Development offers business and industry full job and task analysis services using the Turbo-DACUM (Develop A Curriculum) process. The Turbo-DACUM is a computer-enhanced process developed by Dr. Katherine Manley to quickly and accurately facilitate skills assessment development, curriculum design and fundamental re-engineering of the workplace. The results can capture the major duties and related tasks included in an occupation, as well as the necessary knowledge, skills, and traits.  Resulting in a thorough analysis of the training needs of the current and future workforce.

Workforce Development StrategiesThe job task analysis (JTA) phase incorporates a panel composed of experienced and knowledgeable experts to perform task and step analysis.

CPD uses data created from the JTA to:

  1. develop validating knowledge and skills assessments
  2. provide statistical performance indicators
  3. determine job descriptions and requirements
  4. determine knowledge and skill gaps
  5. develop targeted training