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Digital Media Services

Assistance is available to faculty and staff who seek help with the development of their digital learning content. While technology is becoming easier to use every day, there are still projects that are too big, too complicated, or too unusual that benefit from expert support. This can especially be true when working with older media formats that still have a useful purpose.


  • Video can be converted from older tape formats, or extracted from DVD or Blu-ray disc.
  • Editing and restoration techniques create the best quality available.
  • Long videos can be edited down to manageable clips that are easier to navigate and use within Blackboard.
  • Online video capture can be done from nearly any source.
  • Video can be formatted specifically for use in Blackboard and Tegrity. Help is also available to place your content into Blackboard.
  • Fair use and copyright provisions are followed and maintained.
  • Bulk disc duplication is available for any quantity.
  • Custom DVD/Blu-ray authoring.


  • High-resolution scanning is available for oversized objects such as posters or blueprints.
  • Scanning of photographic formats such as prints, negatives, and slides.
  • Medical film and transparencies can be scanned and digitized.
  • Editing, panoramic stitching, and image restoration are available.
  • Historical items can be scanned for restoration or replication.


  • Audio can be converted from older formats such as phonograph record, cassette tape, reel-to-reel, and CD disc.
  • Audio editing and restoration are available.

Captioning and Subtitles

  • Open and closed captioning are available. Your video can be submitted for transcription, and captioning added back to your video. This is done is a variety of ways depending on format and use.
  • Video can be made compliant for students who request accommodations through Educational Counseling and Disabilities Services. If you receive a request to provide accommodations for a student, assistance is available to help you create accessible video media.

Don’t let media problems get you down. Help is available for you!

Jeff Gabalis
Located in FLITE 460B
[email protected]