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BLOG: Tips for How to Draw More Followers on Twitter

Twitter can be a very tricky and mysterious creation. Sometimes it can be entirely beneficial from personal and business standpoints. When looking at both a personal account and a professional account, they should have some similarities that will draw in more followers and showcase your brand.

A Twitter account should be an investment for someone. I will only follow someone from my personal account if I know they will either be posting or re-tweeting some funny or knowledgeable tweets, or if they are a personal acquaintance that I want to read about on a regular basis.

When a person or company is tweeting too often, I find myself being overwhelmed with the tweets and getting irritated that that’s all I see on my newsfeed. Twitter should be used for occasional updates, live tweeting events - in an acceptable fashion - and posting things that you see representing you or your company on a more personable level.

Here are some tips that I feel are valuable to draw in more followers and the right followers for Twitter:

Twitter can be used by anyone and represent anything out there in the World. That means there are a lot of people that may be interested in you and your brand. Start with the basics, and work your way up from there, soon enough you’ll have so many followers you may need a second profile. (I don’t know if that’s even possible, but it’s an appealing thought isn’t it?)

If you liked these five tips on how to increase your Twitter followers, you can find 70 more equally beneficial tips at Twitter Tools Book. Happy following.

Jordan House is a News Services and Social Media student writer in University Advancement and Marketing.