Faculty Center for Teaching and Learning

The Faculty Center for Teaching and Learning’s aim is to support all who teach at and for Ferris State University.  We do this – individually and collaboratively – by responding to and meeting the needs and interests of individual faculty, academic units, and the broader University community.

Fall 2019 Faculty Learning Community:

First Among Equals: Creating a Supportive First Generation-Focused College Experience Facilitators: Elizabeth Burbatt and Jody Maloney

First Among Equals is a faculty learning community based on the premises that students who meet our admission requirements are academically ready for college and that an educator’s role is that of a student success navigator, rather than a graduation gatekeeper. This six-session series will encourage and support inquisitive educators to reorient their view of the educational environment in order to support 21st century students, especially first generation college students. Participants will explore foundational research about first generation students, learn strategies to support them, and apply this learning to their own practice. Sessions will focus on demystifying the hidden curriculum, analyzing the academic environment to imagine a stronger support system for emerging first generation scholars, and reorienting perspectives on students through an asset-based lens.

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