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Woodbridge Promise College Prep Program

The Woodbridge Promise College Prep program offered for students in Mecosta-Osceola is held on the Ferris campus in Big Rapids. This program is a full year program and is designed to provide high school students with an opportunity to begin their college transcript along with a cohort of peers from area schools. Students not only enroll in and complete college level courses but are provided with additional support and resources designed to help them achieve success as dual enrolled students.

Courses are subject to cancellation due to low enrollment.


  • MATH 115 – 3 credits
  • PLSC 121 - 3 credits
  • UNIV 101 – 2 credits

(8 credits)


2 Credits

Fall 2023: In Person, Monday, 8:30 - 9:45

This college methods course will assist students in the development and use of effective and efficient study strategies that can be utilized in college courses. Students will learn about goal-setting and self-monitoring, learning styles, test preparation and test-taking, lecture and textbook note taking, time management and concentration, and general strategies for more efficient learning. Through an assessment process, students will be able to identify study skill challenges and will develop strategies designed to help improve study skills. Students will be required to implement the study methods and provide evidence of application of these study methods to other courses.


3 Credits

Fall 2023: In Person, Tuesday and Thursday, 8:30-9:45

A study of complex fractions, first and second degree equations and inequalities, exponents, radicals, and introduction to complex numbers, logarithms, and systems of equations. Meets General Education requirements for Quantitative Literacy. Pre-Requisites: MATH 109 with a grade of C- or better, or MATH 110 with a grade of C- or better, or 19 on ACT or 460 on pre 2016 SAT or 500 post 2016 SAT. 

PLSC 121 - American Government 1 - People and Politics – 3 Credits

Fall 2023: In Person, Wednesday , 8:30 - 9:45

Explores basic political concepts and what distinguishes democracy from other forms of government. Traces formative ideas and forces that shaped U.S. Constitution. Expansion of civil liberties and rights is examined. Attention to relations of national, state and local governments. Shows how public opinion through the media, interest groups, political parties, and elections makes demands on---and places restraints on---government. What new challenges for government arise from scientific, demographic, economic, and social change? This course meets General Education requirements: Social Awareness, Race/Ethnicity/Gender Issues; Social Foundations and new Fall 2017 Self and Society, U.S. Diversity and Self and Society Foundations. 


  • CARE 102 – 3 credits
  • HIST 121 - 3 credits
  • SOCY 121 – 3 credits

(9 credits)

CARE 102 - Career and Education Planning

Spring 2023: In Person, Monday, 8:30 - 9:45

This course will provide students with the opportunity to explore college programs, career options and employment viability. Students will discover how educational planning can help them with their lifelong career decision making process. Students will develop personal educational and career plans based on interests and skills using strength-based assessment.

HIST 121 - U.S. History to 1877

Spring 2023: In Person, Tuesday and Thursday, 8:30-9:45

A history of the United States from its founding to 1877. The social, cultural, political, and economic developments of this period. The emergence of the United States will be viewed as part of a continuum of western and nonwestern political and cultural expansion. This course meets General Education Requirements: Cultural Enrichment and new Fall 2017 Culture.


Spring 2023: In Person, Wednesday and Friday, 8:30-9:45

Human behavior as affected by group situations and relationships. Brief study of scientific method, examination of culture, investigation into the nature of social groups and social institutions. Principles and major theoretical perspectives basic for understanding human societies. This course meets General Education requirements: Social Awareness, Race/Ethnicity/Gender Issues Social Foundations and new Fall 2017 Self and Society and U.S. Diversity.