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Grounds Recycling Efforts

The Grounds department at Ferris State University is doing an outstanding job saving the university money through their recycling efforts.

What are they doing?

  • Every three years a tub grinder is brought in and all the brush, that has been collected, is ground up into wood chips. These wood chips are placed at the ropes course and the shooting range. Every three years, 200 yards of wood chips are produced from the recycled brush. If those wood chips were purchased from an outside source they would cost $10 per yard.
  • Another recycling effort is the large compost pile, where all of the old grass clippings, leaves, wood chips, flowers, etc. are placed. Every two years a soil processor is brought in and produces 500 yards of top soil from the compost pile. If this top soil was purchased it would cost $20 per yard.
  • Something that may not be known to everyone is that while the grounds workers are working around campus, they pick up all the empty water bottles, paper, etc. and place them in the recycling receptacles that are located around campus.
  • Finally, if there are any abandoned bicycles around campus they are taken to to public safety and then given to a non-profit agency which in turn donates them to children who are in the foster care system.