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CSI Policies and Forms

Registered Student Organization (RSO) Handbook

RSO members and advisors are provided a policy for successful and safe operations on the Ferris State campus.  

RSO Handbook

Use of Grounds Reservations

At Ferris State, we are fortunate to be members of an educational community that upholds freedom of speech and expression; even when someone might strongly disagree with the content of the expression. Protected speech cannot be suppressed solely because of the audiences’ approval or disapproval of its content. Even still, when presented with views that may be hateful, offensive, and insensitive it can be tempting to argue that such speech should be censored at the university altogether.

However, be assured that Ferris State will stand firm in allowing people to speak free without interference to their First Amendment rights. If you find the speech challenges you or your belief system there are a variety of ways to respond (bulleted list):  

  • Seek out a faculty, staff member, or counselor to discuss
  • Engage in civil dialogue with the speaker
  • Ignore or bypass the speech

To ensure the educational operations of the University and safety of our community all people and/or organizations who wish to use our grounds need to submit a request. 

If you find speech that is substantially disruptive to the normal business of the University or is violent or indicates an immediate intent to inflict physical harm, it should be immediately reported to the Department of Public Safety.  

Posting and Quad Signs

People and organizations wishing to post information around campus may request to do so through the posting and quad sign request process.