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Promote Your Brand

Attending career fairs, hosting information sessions and participating in recruitment activities are some of the more popular ways to build your presence on campus. The Center for Career and Professional Success (CAPS) offers additional opportunities tailored to meet your objectives. Your recruiting success can be greatly enhanced by expanding your recruitment strategy to include involvement in a variety of activities.

Host a Virtual or In-Person Information Session

An information session allows organizations to communicate their brand and mission, and describe employment opportunities and career paths to potential candidates. While an information session is typically used to complement an on-campus recruitment (OCR) schedule, it can also be a stand-alone event. 

Request a Virtual or On-Campus Session

To schedule an information session, sign into Handshake. Reservations should be  made at least 3 weeks in advance to secure your first choice of dates. These may be requested through the "Events" link once signed in.

Publicize Your Event

  • If your information session is scheduled in conjunction with your interview date, it will be publicized to students through targeted emails and social media. CAPS staff will coordinate with faculty, staff, and student organizations to publicize your visit. (If your event was arranged directly with faculty or students, please work with your host to promote your recruitment.)
  • If your event is open to the entire university, you may wish to advertise your session in Torch, our independent student newspaper.
  • Requests for student resumes should be made at least a 2 weeks in advance.
  • Personal invitations to potential candidates may also serve as productive. Handshake provides employers the opportunity to pro-actively search profiles and send direct chat messages.

Tips For Success


  • Just in case you didn't catch it the first time, publicizing your event is critical. The CLACS Career Center will post the event in Handshake. However, due to the sheer number of employer partnerships with Ferris State University, we are not able to market each information session separately, nor do we maintain an RSVP list.


  • If you are holding an information session prior to your interview session, it is strongly suggested that you email all students on your schedules with invitations to attend. NOTE: Mandatory evening and weekend events are strongly discouraged. Students may have evening courses, employment, or families.


  • Students say the best information sessions:
    • Last only about an hour
    • Offer an opportunity for Q&A or one-on-one discussions
    • Include information about the company besides what is on the website
    • Include personal accounts from recent hires about what it is like to work for the company
    • When hosting virtual recruitment activities during the COVID-19 pandemic, please be understanding of student situations as they communicate from their homes. Some may have conditions beyond their control. The promise of food always boosts attendance

Don't Forget: If you would like assistance with planning a recruitment activity, we are excited to assist you. Contact the [email protected] or call (231) 591-2683.

Resume Reviews

Career and Professional Services invites employers to join us in providing resume reviews for Ferris students. This gives students valuable feedback and allows employers to pre-screen potential candidates. While employers are welcome at any time, CAPS does experience higher traffic prior to career fairs. 

 If you would like to assist with these, please contact the Coordinator, Michele Albright at (231) 591-2683.

Become a Partner

Organizations that recruit Ferris graduates often ask about ways to improve their visibility and recruitment efforts on campus. To help employers meet this challenge, CAPS at Ferris State University has established the Partners in Success Program.

Multiple resources and benefits are extended to our Partners to promote their corporate brand.  Partners are offered a variety of conveniences and activities to engage with students and given a personal connection with CAPS staff and various colleges/programs while on Ferris’ campus.

Register to be a new Partner.

Or learn more about the Partners in Success Program by contacting Michele Albright at (231) 591-2683