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Academic Forgiveness Policy

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Owner Academic Affairs
Contact [email protected]
Document Type Policy
Issue Date May 17, 2022
Last Review May 17, 2022
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Research Misconduct proceedings shall consist of the following phases:

  1. Purpose Statement
  2. Policy
  3. Audience
  4. Definitions
  5. Related Documents
  6. History

A. Purpose Statement

The FSU Academic Forgiveness policy makes it possible for capable undergraduate students to return to Ferris by removing the deleterious effect of poor grades on their cumulative GPA. 

B. Policy

Undergraduate students seeking academic forgiveness must meet the following criteria:

  1. Have not earned an undergraduate degree.
  2. Have not attended Ferris State University (FSU) for at least three years.
  3. Apply and be readmitted to FSU.

Terms of Academic Forgiveness

  1. In consultation with faculty in the respective department(s), academic advisors will make recommendations about prior coursework for which a student will be given “credit” toward meeting graduation requirements to the office of the dean of the college to which the student is applying for readmission.
  2. The student may have their cumulative grade point average (GPA) recalculated by removing all grades received for a period not to exceed three consecutive semesters.
  3. Prior grades will remain on the transcript with a notation indicating that academic forgiveness was granted but will not be used in calculating the GPA.
  4. Prior grades and attempted course hours will continue to be used in Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) calculations for any and all student aid.
  5. Academic Forgiveness can be granted only one time. Once granted, the action is permanent and will not be reversed.

C. Audience

The intended audience for this policy are the former students, deans, college / department leadership, advisors, and program faculty responsible for the curriculum.

D. Definitions

Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) – Satisfactory Academic Progress indicates the successful completion of coursework towards a degree or certificate. According to federal regulations, students who fail to make satisfactory academic progress towards their degree or certificate will lose their eligibility to receive Federal Student Aid (FSA).

E. Related Documents

F. History

This is a new policy.