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Hooding ceremony

Commencement Celebration

Congratulations Graduates

Welcome to the site for all things related to the doctoral hooding and commencement of the Ferris State University Michigan College of Optometry Class of 2022! We are all proud of these 36 women and men who worked hard to get into MCO four years ago and then worked even harder since arriving in August of 2018 to become the doctors of optometry you see as you scroll down this page.

This class of optometrists have made it through seven semesters of very challenging course work and laboratories, four semesters of serving patients from all over Michigan and beyond at the University Eye Center, three national board examinations, three external rotations at clinics, hospitals, and practices all over Michigan and the United States, and a global pandemic the likes of which had not been seen over a century. Because they have made it through these challenges, we have every confidence that they will be among the best doctors of optometry to come out of MCO!

Please join the faculty, staff, and administration of Michigan College of Optometry in congratulating the Class of 2022. May you all enjoy long, successful careers serving all patients who may come to you for care.

Hooding Ceremony will be in-person for the first time in 2 years, we will be able to hold this event and share this milestone day with family and friends.

  • Hooding Ceremony will take place at Ferris State Univeristy's David L. Eisler Center at 11:00 a.m. on May 6.
  • FSU Commencement for Optometry will take place at the Ferris State University's - Convocation Center at 3:30 pm  on May 6th.

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Class of 2022


Kaylee Aldrich

Hometown: Birch Run. MI.
Plans After Graduation: I plan to join a private practice in Tennessee or Kentucky.
MCO Memory: My best memory at MCO is attending Dr. Pole’s optics classes.


Amy Bell

Hometown: Petoskey, MI
Plans After Graduation: I will be working at a private practice in my Hometown
MCO Memory: I loved going to Holland with some of my classmates to celebrate finishing first year!


Ashley Bonneau

Hometown: Essex, Ontario, Canada
Plans After Graduation: I will be doing a residency in ocular disease at the Cincinnati Eye Institute with a fellow class of 2022 graduate.
MCO Memory: My first Optometry’s meeting. A group of us from MCO went to St. Louis for OM. We shared one big Airbnb housing not just us first years but some upper year students too. Our school is one of the smaller ones, but we managed to band together and be the loudest crew there landing MCO their first Spirit Award win. We all got to run on stage to accept the trophy together. It was amazing to be able to be that close with not only my own class but upper classes as well and to bring home a trophy.

Haylee Bourlier

Hometown: Watervliet, MI
Plans After Graduation: Ocular Disease Residency with the Northern Indiana VA
MCO Memory: Reuniting with my classmates after quarantine.

Anthony Brechtelsbauer

Hometown: Jackson, MI.
Plans After Graduation: Undetermined
MCO Memory: The last week of 3rd year the whole class had several get-togethers. The first was large, rowdy and load of fun. Each subsequent gathering a little smaller and tamer than the previous as people moved out of town to start their rotations. The last was my favorite. By the end of the night, there were only a dozen of us sitting around sharing stories and reminiscing about good times spent together. There was a bittersweet feeling to it all. Sad because I wasn't going to see those people every day anymore, but so glad I had the opportunity to spend so much time with such extraordinary individuals.

Lindsay Buurma

Hometown: Grand Rapids, MI.
Plans After Graduation: Primary Care Optometry
MCO Memory: There are so many great memories. Graduation will be another one for the books.

James Carpenter

Hometown: Northville, MI
Plans After Graduation: Practicing in an OD/MD setting and becoming an active member of the community in which I practice.
MCO Memory: There are SO MANY that it is really hard to pick just one so here are a few for the highlight reel: Broomball, late-night study sessions with the class, full day cafeteria study sessions with Don, hangin with Carmen, helping the years below learn the ropes, the welcome picnics, ice cream at MCO, the faculty breakfast, the whiteboard polls, Eyeball, Optometrys Meeting, soccer, MOA night, floating down the river, donut runs (they make me go nuts), breaking through existential dread, Panera coffee runs, Friendsgiving, and our end of the year celebrations! "

Rachel Chandra

Hometown: Farmington Hills, MI
Plans After Graduation: Residency
MCO Memory: My best MCO Memory is all of our class parties!

Raymond Chartier

Hometown: Livonia, MI
Plans After Graduation: Indiana University Cornea and Contacts Residency
MCO Memory: Living in 61B

Thomas Colvin

Hometown: Davison, MI
Plans After Graduation: Working at an OD/MD practice.
MCO Memory: By far, learning optics with Dr. Pole!

Hannah Faupel

Hometown: Mason, MI
Plans After Graduation: Work at a private practice in Holland, MI
MCO Memory: Winning the Spirit Award at Optometry’s Meeting

Rachel Fazio

Hometown: Sterling Heights, MI
Plans After Graduation: After graduation, I will be moving to West Michigan where I will be working at an OD/MD practice.
MCO Memory: My favorite MCO Memory was EyeBall 2019. It was so much fun getting all dressed up and dancing the night away with my friends/classmates.

Paige Fuller

Hometown: Cadillac, MI.
Plans After Graduation: TBD
MCO Memory: Eyeball

Miranda Geisinger

Hometown: Plymouth, MI
Plans After Graduation: After graduation I will be relocating to Bloomington, Indiana to complete a primary care residency at the Indiana University School of Optometry.
MCO Memory: There are far too many good memories to choose from, but some of my favorites are the times my class spent with all of us together at our Friendsgivings and before we all parted for our externships.

Gabrielle Gomez

Hometown: Holt, MI.
Plans After Graduation: I plan to work in private practice with the long term goal of owning my own practice in the future.
MCO Memory: My best MCO memories are when the whole class would get together to have a 'Friends-giving' meal before we all left for home over the holidays.

Alexander Guido

Hometown: Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario, Canada
Plans After Graduation: Returning home to work at a local practice
MCO Memory: Sitting behind Jacob Jenness in class!

Emily Herendeen

Hometown: Warsaw, IN.
Plans After Graduation: Joining the Workforce
MCO Memory: Family thanksgiving at the school and eyeball

Jacob Jenness

Hometown: Spirit Lake, Iowa
Plans After Graduation: Ocular disease resident at Minnesota Eye Consultants in Minneapolis, MN.
MCO Memory: Tubing down the river drinking apple juice

Jon Jimenez

Hometown: Canton, MI
Plans After Graduation: Residency at Henry Ford OptimEyes
MCO Memory: Making lifelong friendships with my classmates

Sophia Johnson

Hometown: Fenwick, MI
Plans After Graduation: Working with MyEyeDr!
MCO Memory: Crafting days as stress relief!

Austin Kashat

Hometown: Novi, MI
Plans After Graduation: Open a cold-start, solo private practice
MCO Memory: Procedures 1 Lab - the first time being an eye doctor felt 'real'

Matthew Keller

Hometown: Mount Pleasant, MI
Plans After Graduation: Ocular Disease Residency at Indiana University
MCO Memory: Early morning lectures with Dr. Pole or Dr. Raghunandan

Jonathan Kendall

Hometown: Cadillac, MI
Plans After Graduation: Join Family Eye Care Associates in Cadillac
MCO Memory: Giving my daughters their first eye exams.

Ethin Kiekhafer

Hometown: Colfax, WI
Plans After Graduation: Ocular disease residency in Stillwater, MN
MCO Memory: Weekends at the Shoop house...studying

Jordan Marentette

Hometown: Grand Rapids, MI
Plans After Graduation: Residency in Ocular Disease at the Cincinnati Eye Institute
MCO Memory: All of my wonderful classmates! Way too many memories to count, but I’m so thankful for them and the lifelong friendships that were made.

Caleb Mergener

Hometown: Portage, MI
Plans After Graduation: Work for the Army as an optometrist at Fort Campbell, KY
MCO Memory: Contact lens clinic with Dr. Dinardo

Kristin Mohr

Hometown: New Ulm, Minnesota
Plans After Graduation: Complete a residency in Ocular Disease at Vance Thompson Vision
MCO Memory: Seeing all our classmates receive our hard-earned White Coats as second year students!

Aleksandra Nowakowska

Hometown: Grand Blanc, MI
Plans After Graduation: Getting married, moving to Seattle, and employed at an OD/MD practice.
MCO Memory: Late night study sessions making crazy mnemonics.

Khushmanjot Pamma

Hometown: Mississauga, Ontario, Canada
Plans After Graduation: I plan to work at a private practice in Ontario, Canada.
MCO Memory: My best MCO Memory would have to be the MCO welcome picnic! It's great to start the year meeting new students and having time to catch up with classmates. I also loved the breakfast nights we had before final exam season, definitely a much needed stress relief.

Laura Paulson

Hometown: Delafield, WI
Plans After Graduation: Private practice in NW WI
MCO Memory: Cross country skiing with classmates!

Craig Rybarz

Hometown: Hart, MI
Plans After Graduation: Practice in west Michigan
MCO Memory: Broomball!

Blaze Sammon

Hometown: Comstock Park, MI
Plans After Graduation: Work to pay off loans
MCO Memory: I have a few. One, Jordan having a 'big miss' in clinic and him stealing my water bottle in clinic. Two, is practicing 'retinoscopy' with Matt. Lastly, seeing Ethin cry tears of joy in procedures lab.

Daniel Shoop

Hometown: Muskegon, MI.
Plans After Graduation: I will be begin working full-time in the Fall at Shoreline Vision in Muskegon, MI in addition to a few of the surrounding satellite offices in the West Michigan area.

Alyssa VanWerden

Hometown: Petoskey, MI
Plans After Graduation: Interested in private practice and specialty contact lenses
MCO Memory: Game nights

Renee Weaver

Hometown: Grand Haven, MI
Plans After Graduation: Completing a residency in Primary Care/Ocular Disease in New Orleans, LA.
MCO Memory: Volunteering at Cedar Point

Brendon Yaroch

Hometown: Hartland, MI
Plans After Graduation: I plan to move to northwestern Wisconsin and work in private practice for the next few years, then see where life takes me afterwards.
MCO Memory: Spending entire days studying in the atrium and making frequent coffee trips to Panera with James, or anyone willing to join the party (most frequently James)