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MaKenzie Hoffman

Political Science Student

by Julia Hohman - March 17, 2021

Daniel Adsmond

MaKenzie Hoffman, a senior in the College of Arts, Sciences and Education’s Political Science program, strives to maximize her Ferris State University time. The Honors program has influenced MaKenzie to become a Bulldog before anything else.

MaKenzie chose to attend Ferris for her undergraduate degree because she felt comfortable with navigating campus, “My first-time visiting campus I met with an honors college advisor. The advisor and I spent the entire day talking about Ferris and the opportunities it offers. Not only did it make me feel connected, but it made me feel like I fit in.” 

MaKenzie’s father and sister are Ferris alumni, “College seems like such a big picture, but you soon realize it’s a very small world once you get here.”

MaKenzie is active in the Honors program.

“My favorite Honors contract is the time I lectured for one of my legal studies courses. I taught the class one session of employment law. Although it was intimidating and I never thought I would be teaching a lesson in business law, I am so thankful for the opportunity.”

The Honors program selects members to become a peer mentor for incoming honors students. MaKenzie took advantage of this opportunity and was selected to be a mentor in September 2018, later becoming the vice president in January 2019.

“Getting to work closely with the directors of Honors has helped me learn my leadership style, and it has improved my professional communication. I am confident this will aid my professionalism in the future,” she said.

MaKenzie is a Phi Alpha Delta member, Zeta Tau Alpha, Panhellenic Council, Order of Omega and the Student Pet Saver Organization.

Phi Alpha Delta is considered the Pre-Law Fraternity on campus. Phi Alpha Delta’s leaders assist other students in the process of applying to law school. MaKenzie was elected as vice president in January 2019 and was elected as president in April 2020.

“Phi Alpha Delta is great at preparing students going to law school or any students interested in the legal field. As president, I like to focus on professional development, resume building and mentoring from faculty and staff. Phi Alpha Delta has given me so many opportunities. I have been able to build my leadership skills in every organization I am a part of.”
As MaKenzie leads others in the rigorous process of applying to law school, she is applying herself.

“I realized I was passionate about law once I started interning at the Michigan House of Representatives Summer 2018,” she said.

As MaKenzie looks forward to graduating in Spring 2021, she likes to reflect on her experience thus far.

“I’ve grown a lot as a person and as a professional here at Ferris. I quickly learned how to maximize my time management to be efficient every day. However, I always make sure to have time for myself and still do the little things in life that bring me peace.”

This summer, MaKenzie hopes to travel to Ireland and spend time with her mother. MaKenzie plans to attend law school in Fall 2021, as she finds a passion for employment law and civil injustices.

Julia Hohman is a student writer for News Services and Social Media in University Advancement and Marketing.