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Adnan Dakkuri

College of Pharmacy Professor

by Betsy Garbe - April 15, 2014

Adnan Dakkuri

“In my judgment, teaching is the most noble and enjoyable career one could have,” said Adnan Dakkuri, a professor in Ferris State University’s College of Pharmacy. “It is challenging because one has to be updated in their area of expertise on a continual basis in order to convey what is new to the students.”

Dakkuri earned his Bachelor of Science in Pharmacy from the American University of Beirut in Lebanon and then moved to the U.S. and joined the College of Pharmacy at the University of Illinois where he received a Master of Science and Ph. D in pharmaceutics. He began teaching at Ferris in August 1976 and has continued teaching here since.

“I had decided early, while in graduate school, that my love for academic life and teaching should inform my plans for the future. After receiving the Ph.D., I left the U.S. to join my alma mater in Lebanon. However, because of the civil war in Lebanon, I returned to the U.S. with my wife and two young sons,” Dakkuri said. “I was attracted to Ferris because of its emphasis on teaching, in addition to the national reputation of its college of pharmacy. Another reason is the fact that we were looking for a quiet and safe place for our children following their experience with the uncertain fluid situation in Lebanon.”

One thing Dakkuri loves about teaching is the fact that it is never boring. Each year he gets a chance to meet a new group of students and learn from them, while being able to teach what he loves. It challenges him to think of new modalities to explain concepts, practices and theories to students. In addition to professionalism and ethics, Dakkuri focuses on helping students develop critical-thinking skills. He encourages students to get involved in their own learning by interacting in class. His goal is for students to become partners in the teaching-learning process.

“Having the ability to think critically should be the ultimate outcome of any college education; that is exactly what I like to instill in my students,” Dakkuri said. “It has been said that a successful instructor only attempts to provide the conditions in which they can learn best. Critical thinking skills are conducive to partly create such conditions.”

Along with teaching his students, Dakkuri is involved with other aspects of the pharmaceutical field. In the last year, he was appointed as chair of the Rules and Regulations Committee of the American Association of Colleges of Pharmacy Council of Faculties and had a chapter published for the Encyclopedia of Pharmaceutical Science and Technology, which was released on July 1, 2013. His chapter was titled, “Dosage Form Design: A Physicochemical Approach.”

Betsy Garbe is a News Services student writer in University Advancement and Marketing.

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