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Navigate for Faculty and Staff

Navigate: Student Success Tool

Welcome to Navigate, the premiere student success platform for students, faculty, and staff. Navigate provides the tools needed to support student success and close equity gaps. Navigate  provides predictive analytics and identifies students who are at risk of not completing their educational goals. 

In short, we will know success when race, income and gender are no longer predictors of success.

Faculty and Staff Login

Use the same username and password you use for your Ferris accounts.


Based upon the careful review of various student success systems, we selected Navigate because we believe its characteristics make the most sense for improving student success at Ferris. Navigate will enable us to: 

  • Utilize data to inform our intervention strategies with students ​
  • Apply analytics that allow us to evaluate the impact of interventions ​
  • Empower students to make progress through pivotal moments of college ​
  • Act through a suite of integrated tools to perform interventions ​
  • Create a Pivotal Moments Path that highlights critical tasks to students ​
  • Provide Self Service Tools to students ​
  • Gather Critical Information from students through surveys ​
  • Provide insight on student performance through Smart Guidance Analytics.

Navigate is currently used by over 500 universities across the country.  We believe strongly that this Equity Focused Partnership with EAB and implementation of the Navigate student success system are precisely the right moves at the right time to make a significant and lasting difference for our students and for Ferris State University.


  • Builds a sustainable infrastructure ​​to focus on the student journey and success
  • Provides a common pathway to success for students from all backgrounds​​
  • Empowers students and advisors in the student journey​​
  • Improves​​
    • graduation rates, ​​
    • student success​​ and retention
    • equity gaps​

What does Navigate help us do?

 Strategic Care - planning and action

  • Scalable tools allow for elevated advising  conversations and targeted  interventions
  • Campaigns, Appointments, and Multi-Modal Messaging
  • Robust tools help advisors and staff proactively plan, execute, and track ongoing  advising efforts
  • Coordinated Care Network
    • Case management tools and shared documentation help stakeholders coordinate to  deliver better support

Smart Guidance - empowering students to take part in their success

  • Essential and term-to-term tools and actionable information, right at students’ fingertips
  • Student surveys to gather information from students
  • The content administration tool allows approved staff to edit the  content students see
  • Smart Guidance Analytics sheds insight on performance of students 

Intelligence – maximizing the results of success staff’s efforts

  • Plan – use data to inform intervention strategies
  • Empower Students – to make progress through pivotal moment of college
  • Act – use integrated tools to perform interventions
  • Evaluate – understand the impact of the interventions

We will know success when race, income and gender are no longer predictors of success