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Charter Schools Office


The Charter Schools Office and Choice Schools will once again be running the School Leadership Institute. Participants may attend either through the cohort or drop-in model. For more information contact our office.  

The Charter School Office is currently accepting applications for new academies to open in fall 2022 or 2023. Contact our office for more information.

About the Charter Schools Office

The Ferris State University Charter Schools Office focuses on student success and continuous improvement through quality oversight, professional learning opportunities, and relevant resources for its authorized public school academies.

When Ferris State University authorizes a public school academy, it is an endeavor to positively transform the life trajectory of the students who attend that academy. The Charter Schools Office holds as its most fundamental goal that all students be prepared for success in college, work, and life. Test scores and knowledge are important but are not enough to succeed in an ever-competitive and connected global community.

We believe that students must be able to apply knowledge to new situations, and to seek out new information through research skills and technological competence. To accomplish this, each academy must provide an environment to achieve academic excellence by delivering quality programming and instruction for the students it serves. The virtues of character that include the values of freedom, honesty, integrity, and civility, in addition to rigorous accountability to all stakeholders are a part of our vision for each school academy.