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Go WILD and discover a world of animals with an educational adventure that comes to you!

Experience, explore, educate and enjoy our new traveling multi-concept display. The free presentation travels with amazing animal mounts and creates a fun, creative experience for your students. The exhibit is designed for smaller or larger groups and can be geared toward any age.

Concepts such as animal senses, adaptations and other interesting animal facts flourish. Meet some of the wonderful animals that share our state, including some you might see in your own backyard. This encounter features Michigan's diverse wildlife, including but not limited to, a beaver, opossum, raccoon, skunk or badger. We present animals native to other parts of the world with a diversity of species that might include an alligator, baboon, wallaby or capybara.

The diverse group of animals allows us to create an outreach program that can meet your specific needs. Focusing on birds? Invertebrates? Reptiles? Call and let our team create the prefect outreach program for you.

We look forward to visiting your school and interacting with your students.

To schedule a school visit, please e-mail [email protected].

Please complete the form and submit via email to [email protected] (or fax to 231-591-2540) and a staff member of the Card/Riley Conservation and Wildlife Education Center will assist you.