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2018 Recipient: Emily Mayo

Artist Statement

Remington Ave

My work makes manifest spiritual concepts of redemption and faith through the examination of death/destruction with respect to “home.” My current body of work employs this concept by incorporating the material and visual remnants left from the continual destruction of my childhood neighborhood. Within my two-dimensional work, I mentally process these visuals through drawing techniques. The drawings within this series (including Stevenson St.) are portraits of my neighboring childhood homes that have suffered severe fire damage. In my depiction of them, I have chosen to only draw the most devastated areas of the homes in order to better understand this devastation. Through the use of powdered drawing material, I incorporate “smoky” areas. In this way, I activate the otherwise dead imagery and allude to the change that fire brings, as well as the change that death brings. This visual process is meant to symbolize the understood transformation that comes at the end of life, the transformation from the physical to the spiritual.

Stephenson Avenue