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Subpoena/Order to Appear

The University is required to respond to each and every subpoena it receives, regardless of whether or not the University is a party to the lawsuit. The majority of the subpoenas received by the University require the University to provide records to the issuer (Subpoena Duces Tecum) as opposed to requiring a University employee to appear in court or at a deposition and testify.

What should YOU do in the event you or your Department is served with a Subpoena or Order to Appear?

Contact the General Counsel's office immediately at (231) 591-3894 for review of the subpoena, assessment of your and/or the University’s obligations under the subpoena, and, if ordered to appear, general advice regarding your testimony. Please note that if the subpoena is received by mail, it is important that you save the envelope.

Disclaimer: Materials presented here are for informational purposes only and do not constitute legal advice from the General Counsel's office. Users are advised to contact an attorney directly whenever considering a matter with legal implications.