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Innovative Initiatives

Innovation Spaces & Resources 

If the pandemic has taught us anything, it is that innovation happens everywhere!  There are many creative ventures happening daily, which can sometimes make it challenging to know where to go for assistance or questions. Below please find the areas that can help you in your quest for greatness.

  •  Corporate and Professional Development

    Corporate and Professional Development (CPD) connects corporations, government agencies, non-profits, and other organizations with the customized training they need to advance their industry or service areas. CPD unites faculty from multiple colleges to create a customized training solution using Ferris facilities, trainee workplaces, or other creative locations, moving innovation in today's workforce forward. 


  •  HatchEd Celebration of Innovation

    HatchEd is Ferris State University's spring celebration of innovation in higher education. It is a conference for innovators from every college and department across Ferris. HatchEd empowers exploration and creates an environment where unexpected connections can be made. HatchEd also includes the Ferris annual Celebration of Scholarship and Creative Work. At this unique celebration, we honor the success of faculty and staff members that have published, performed, or presented their work. 


  •  Innovation Development Grant

    This internal grant was designed for Ferris faculty and staff to encourage academic-driven innovation that supports the mission and strategic plan of Ferris State University. Developed and supported by the Innovation Advisory Team, the intent is to encourage innovative degree initiatives in emerging fields, and advance innovative experiences that blend theory and practice.


  •  KCAD Innovation Hub

    The Hub enhances student learning by connecting with external stakeholders and facilitating opportunities for advanced research, sponsored project work, and applied learning. The initiative facilitates projects and services that integrate faculty, students, and community/industry partners; offer rich, interdisciplinary learning experiences; support the growth of small businesses; foster a culture of innovation for our community of professionals; and generate project funding through a variety of grant resources. Email Jonathan Moroney at [email protected] to learn more.

  •  Makerspace

    Located in the College of Engineering Technology, this is a space run by students dedicated to solving real problems.

  •  Office of Research and Sponsored Programs

    It is the mission of the Office of Research and Sponsored Programs to enhance and facilitate the ability of faculty, staff, and students to develop and achieve their goals as teacher-scholars in research, education, and service delivery through successful competition for internal and external funding. The office is your first stop for questions on grant applications, funding opportunities, intellectual property (patents), and research compliance (institutional review board).


  •  Shimadzu Core Laboratory

    The Shimadzu Core Laboratory is a multidisciplinary science research center containing over 2,000 square feet of presentation, research, and collaboration space housed in the College of Arts, Sciences, and Education. Services offered include: sample analysis, course module development and implementation planning, and experimental design consultations.