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Academic Affairs Laboratory Safety

For questions related to laboratory safety, for daily operations of the laboratory, and faculty/staff research activities, please contact [email protected] or 231-591-2300.

Academic Affairs Environmental Health and Safety Commitments

It is the responsibility and intent of Ferris State University Academic Affairs Laboratories to protect the health and safety of students, faculty, staff and visitors while engaged in the educational activities of the University. To this end the Academic Affairs will provide the necessary services and controls to promote, create and maintain a safe and healthful laboratory environment and operations. The purpose of this commitment statement is to establish the Academic Affairs commitment to laboratory safety and environmental health procedures.

Academic Affairs will provide comprehensive programs of service and activities to protect faculty, staff, students, and campus visitors from avoidable and unnecessary risks of illness, injury or death while engaged in laboratory activities. To this end, Academic Affairs will:

  1. Develop and implement programs, rules and procedures to comply with Federal, State and local regulations to promote safe and healthful operating procedures.
  2. Provide training programs, support and guidance to promote safe and healthful operating procedures and to comply with Federal, State and local regulations.

In order for Academic Affairs to fulfill its responsibilities contained in this commitment and any other efforts to create and maintain a healthful and safe campus environment, the cooperation of all members of the Academic Affairs community is required.