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Honors Student Development Fund

Honors Student Melanie Lobsinger in Dubai

The Honors Student Development fund supports students seeking extra experiences off campus. This includes study abroad, place-based coursework (i.e. 'field trips'), conferences and service trips.

The Honors Program uses these funds to support student presentations at honors conferences annually, as well as leadership development and enhanced classroom experiences. Any remaining funds are distributed to individual students by the Director in consultation with the Honors Student Council. The distribution of the student development fund by type of experience supported is included in the chart below. Detailed information is typically included in the Honors Program annual report.

How to Add Your Support

Give online to the Honors Student Development Fund here

(Use the dropdown to pick the Development fund.)

Where the Money Goes

Since 2008, the Honors Program has distributed $58,835.00 to students seeking study abroad experiences. This amounts to 50% of the $117,297 dispersed. $26,971 has sponsored students attending academic conferences, $25,550 has supported community service experiences, and $22,258 has been used to sponsor cultural events.

While the average of approximately $15,000 annually to support enriching activities for Honors students may initially seem like a large amount, with 1,000 students currently enrolled in the program, this amounts to $15.50 per student.