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Social Awareness Courses

Social Awareness Course Criteria

Course criteria should reflect the Social Awareness Outcomes

The intent of this outcome is to offer students both a better understanding of how human beings behave, as individuals, as part of groups, and as members of larger social institutions. The outcomes also intends to offer students an understanding of the methodologies used to understand a variety of human behaviors and the functioning of a variety of social institutions. The outcome attempts to recognize that to understand ourselves we need to understand our psychological, social, economic, and political roles.

Social Awareness courses then should

  • have as their core subject matter human development and behavior, group interactions, or established social institutions.
  • offer theories for the understanding of the subject matter.
  • offer an established methodology for approaching the subject matter.
  • be identifiable as general education in social awareness or its closest equivalent at other institutions.
  • be taught by faculty with qualifications and background (such as graduate training and teaching experience) in the subject matter that meet the standards for university level instruction in that discipline.