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Race/Ethnicity and/or Gender Outcomes Criteria

Race/Ethnicity and/or Gender Course Criteria

For a course to be designated as fulfilling the race/ethnicity and/or gender requirement, it shall be specifically focused on the realization of the race/ethnicity and/or gender outcome

The course must meet the following criteria

  1. Course must approach the subject of race/ethnicity and/or gender from an identifiable theoretical framework
  2. Course must address race/ethnicity and/or gender issues appropriate to the course discipline. Courses can narrowly address a single category (race, or ethnicity, or gender), or any combination of two categories (race and gender, or race and ethnicity, or gender or ethnicity), or all three categories combined. No matter how the course is configured, at least 75% of the course content must be based on issues clearly identified as race/ethnicity and/or gender.
  3. Course materials must demonstrate clear evidence that the significant focus of the course is concerned with race/ethnicity and/or gender. Such evidence will be included in:
    1. the course description.
    2. the title(s) or chapter heading of reading assignments.
    3. the lecture topics specified in each course syllabus.
    4. the graded assignment and examination materials in each course section.